Project Documentation

NGO Consultancy Consulting provides Project documentation to NGOs for funding and financial support of funding agencies and ministries / departments. NGO Consultancy tenders and prepares the project proposal, project report, the profile of NGOs, annual report and other required documentation, service and support. The required documentation is necessary for financial funds and support so that NGOs submit the documents submitted in certain formats and criteria. As prepared and submitted documents are complete and in accordance with the format and donor agencies or departments of the parameters so it’s easy to raise funds.

NGO Consultancy specialises in the following documentations:

  • Documentation regarding all kind of NGO work, management and projects
  • Documentation for Funding and Fundraising
  • Documentation for Strategic Planning
  • Documenting Case Studies
  • Project Evaluation Documentation
  • Documentation
    for Advocacy and Campaigns on Various Topics
  • Documentation on Profile of NGO
  • Documentation for Project planning
  • Project Proposal writing Documentation
  • Report writing Documentation

Income Tax Related

  • Registration under 12A Certificate
  • Registration under 80G Registration
  • Registration under 35AC Registration, 35(1)(ii) 35(1)(iii)

NGO Documentation

  • Annual Reports
  • Audit Report
  • Project Proposals
  • Project Setup
  • Project Reports
  • NGO Project Assessment Report or Project Evaluation Report


  • Trust
  • Company Registration under Section 8
  • Society Registration
  • Co-Operative Society Registration


  • FCRA Registration
  • FCRA Annual Returns


  • Funding
  • Funding
  • Fund
    Raising Programmes

Other Support Services

  • Pan Card Application for NGO
  • Copyright Registration
  • Trademark Registration
  • Website Development for NGO
  • Domain Registration for NGO
  • ISO Certification