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Annual Reports

The purpose of writing an annual report is that it will serve as a marketing tool that will be sent to the interested parties of the organisation. This helps to explain the objectives along with the mission, vision, projects and people. Annual report is a very important and crucial part of the work of an organisation. It provides accountability to donors of the organisation. This includes a full report on all the details of the expenses of the organisation and the amount paid as evidence. The annual report is evidence of the transparency of the organisation to prove that donations were used wisely.

It grows confidence in the organisation in society and in turn, increases the willingness of the organisation in society. The annual report is required for the submission of the declaration, which is an impact of NGO activities. It contains a list of events organized or how much is used and credibility that led to the concern. There is a meeting held after the Annual Report is presented with all donors and stakeholders, and the most important person in the organisation to discuss these issues. It is also about the relationship between creativity and an informative part of an organisation.

The designing of the annual report is also important, presented along with the content. There are project drawings and images needed for the annual report that gives you the impact that matches donors. The report should use a perfect picture of the size, font and paper. If clients are confused about the design and the look, allow NGO Consultancy to help the NGO team.