Project Proposals

The project includes a number of things that start with the profile of the application of the organization, the nature of the organization implemented, the presence of the relevant past experience, the experience of work on the basis or community experience and a participatory approach, the details of the organization and the board, history and funding, expertise and manpower; Finally, the ability of the organization in the field of composition and work. Apart from this are not output similar to the problem that the project seeks to address the causes of the activity for the project, global and local significance of the project, the use of donor funds and so on.

The context baseline or involves expensive the area, the background of the project and a copy of the projected area. The identification of problems and the necessary project and the evaluation and description of the projected area. It would be a reference that can be adopted. The project requires that the nature of the project activity, the immediate objectives, expected results of the project, the proposed activity in the right order to develop strategies and implement the project. Finally, the project plan with the plan matrix.

The project strategy includes institutional mapping and consultations with key stakeholders, the role of the recipient organization and the partner, its relationship with other private sector projects or activities. Technical feasibility needs a description of the details and technical requirements, experience with similar projects regarding the identification of local experience. The expected outcome will focus on the impact on the participants or beneficiaries covering other human impacts, economic, social, health and. Finally, there is the assessment, monitoring, reporting, and budget, visibility and communication.