FCRA stands for Foreign Country Regulatory Act and it is a registration process for Foreign Funds to India. NGOs with definite economic, cultural, educational, social and religious programs are worthy of entitlement to the registration process for FCRA. NGOs may request the FCRA, although with a foreigner as a member. But the authorities in that case are more stringent and vigilant for handling the application of an FCRA. However, very few authorities are given this chance of when the board members have a foreigner and yet it is a FCRA. It has Amendments, Permanent FCRA, FCRA Registration and Prior Permission is necessary.

However, it is difficult for NGOs to get an FCRA when a foreigner is a trustee, as there is are very few cases. There are few procedures and complex situations that have seen when an organization claims to be eligible for FCRA. There are laws in India which cover this and must be followed. So in order to know the best holes is necessary to understand the rules and regulations. The formation of a FCRA registration, all members must be addressed.

If an NGO wants to get a registration under FCRA, NGO Consultancy can help with the group’s expert members who know the means to get FCRA documentation support and recognition process. For assistance or clarification for NGOs that already have FCRA and still need help in some way can communicate with NGO Consultancy team. NGO Consultancy consultants help NGOs better to solve their business through documentation consultation.