35AC Registration

There are ways and means by which tax is exempted but that however gives no benefit to donors. The act of 35AC offers tax advantages for donors. This helps an NGO to get potential donors. The entire section of 35 AC is one of these useful advantages that could be availed by an NGO to support their donors. This saves your donors’ tax by donating they offer to non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

If an NGO managed to obtain approval as this, it has a very good chance of mobilizing the funds from industry and business sector. Business houses offering contribution like these are approved with projects which are allowed the benefits of deducting such contribution as expenditure. So there are many NGOs that use those donors who want to help bring a cause, but generally not to move from their first step because they receive no benefit from the division of income tax.A 35AC registration is crucial for those NGOs who have a large number of corporate donors. This makes their NGO more reachable and more spread out in a society.

There are ways in which the entire application procedure is done along with submitting the supporting documents which is provided to the department with two set of application. NGO Consultancy NGOs could assist NGOs in this regard. A national committee has been developed by the central government to identify projects and actions that may be notified to the pursuant of section 35AC. This committee usually consists of a famous person. All NGOs can apply to the National Commission for projects or programs approved. Therefore, any organization can enjoy the benefits of registration under 35AC.