NGO Registration

NGO Registration is a process through which the organization is registered. This process requires some documents to be presented, like the name of the NGO, address of the NGO, the number of members with their details and specifications. NGO Consultancy any charges no fees for this process. NGO Consultancy assumes full responsibility of the registration process. If NGOs were facing problems with the registration process and NGOs think it is complicated then leave the problem for us. A month or two for the team of NGO Consultancy NGOs will be taken to complete the registration process.

When the founder person thinks about an NGO registration, the name must be managed in accordance with rules and regulations. The name must NOT have any link with the Government of India or State Government or any connection with legal authority. Our team of our experts help NGOs to find a likable name which is not against the rules and regulations. Our team includes experts who are knowledgeable enough to work for the benefit of NGOs during the registration process. This saves the time and place of an NGO value to reflect on the strategies that will help NGOs to achieve the objectives.

That customers or business NGOs simply dream of a welfare consultant NGO Consultancy company is there for our NGO experts anytime. No matter where NGOs are all you need to do is contact and NGO Consultancy India would certainly help NGOs to explain the whole recording process. Often, the customer is not sure of the whole structure and is disoriented. NGO Consultancy creates the intense, confusing the job that is killing your precious time. NGO Consultancy present parts of sections of the offices of the NGO.