Co-Operative Society

The co-operative societies are the welfare and charitable associations with a broad base of members and are clearer and more transparent with regard/respect to the public charitable trust. People who are part of the Forum section are democratic people and set up a clear picture of the work and purpose of the trust. They are great people with like-minded desire to work for the betterment of society

The registrar of societies is there as an arbitrator and as a receiver in the event of a dispute between members. Any changes in the rules or regulations are to be done with permission of Registrar?s office. So if you do not know any of the part that may entail you a complicated situation NGO Consultancy is always there to help you.

NGO Consultancy helps to understand the process of forming a cooperative partnership with the registration process along with the name, members, and other necessary strategies. Our experts lead you thorough understanding and work on your behalf. NGO Consultancy sends our efficiency to help you in every possible way no matter in which state of India you stay in.