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12AA Registration

12AA Registration is a onetime registration that can exempt Income Tax of an organisation. After this registration, all income can not be taxed. The application form which is used to request for 12AA Registration is form 10A. The application takes about 3 or 4 months. Application for the purpose of registration under section 12AA can be applied to the Commissioner of Income tax department (Exemption) having jurisdiction over the institution.

The procedure for obtaining a registration requires several steps must be followed by the application to present properly and after submission to the relevant department. The NGO then receives the notice for clarification which is received two or three months after the submission. The response to clarifications is to be submitted to the respective Income Tax department by the consultant along with the supporting documents. The consultant is to visit the department personally to follow up the application status until the exemption certificate is issued to them.

For all these effects, the required is constant follow up with the Income Tax department. This is generally done by consultants that are hired. So if you stay anywhere in India, you can certainly do this work and NGO Consultancy will help you obtain the exemption certificate. Because it is for life, so that no tension or unpleasance for you to file the tax return. NGO Consultancy also helps file Form and the supporting documents required for clarification of part. You may well give this responsibility to the NGO Consultancy team and make sure your work is done at that time as necessary. Our consultants will also help iin any other regard that is related to the registration of 12AA.